Guide to $100k MRR from
Product Hunt

How it works? 👇

Watch this video to see how Product Hunt Launch Kit can help you make your Product Hunt Launch viral and at the end of the day your revenue organically and without running any paid ads.

Become #1 Product of the day​

Make your Product Hunt launch a success with our comprehensive Launch Kit and become the top product of the day!

What's expected?

See, what exactly you can expect from Product Hunt Launch Kit and how much numbers in terms of results you can generate organically for your Saas from Product Hunt.

Product Hunt Launch Checklist

A perfect launch is when you check off everything you had planned to do pre-launch, during and post-launch.

We have curated a launch checklist with actionable tips that will help you to track your launch progress from planning to getting your first set of users.

1,743+ Places to Promote your Saas

Basically we will provide you a list of 1,743+ places to promote your tool where 1000’s of AI lovers and potential users will find your tool.

These platforms includes 250+ AI directories, 600+ Youtubers, 170+ blogs, 200+ online communities and 1200+ newsletters where you can get exposure to 13m+ monthly traffic, approx. upto 200 paying users without paid ads and quality backlinks from Top AI websites.

AI Launch Assistant

A perfect launch is when you check off everything you had planned and If AI does it for your, then nothing is better than that.

Boost your product’s visibility, generate excitement, and drive user engagement with advanced techniques focused on launching success. 

What we did?

Have a look at some of our client case-studies. See how we helped our Saas clients grow their traffic, signups and MRR organically at the end of the day.

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We started working for stunning.so and you can check their traffic on SimilarWeb; they are getting 26k visitors/mo and 47% of that traffic is coming from other websites where stunning.so is listed.
Formwise AI
Formwise AIhttps://formwise.ai
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Formwise AI started working with us recently; before 4 months their MRR was $11k/mo and with 4 months it has jumped to $84k per month.

Guide to $100k MRR from Product Hunt

We are going to raise our price to $199, after 200 orders. But now you can avail it for $99 only.


🎁 $499 for the first 200 customers

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The Product Hunt Launch Kit is a comprehensive resource designed to help you successfully launch your product, app, or service on Product Hunt. It includes expert guidance, checklists, and valuable insights to maximize your visibility and impact.

Anyone planning to launch their creation on Product Hunt can benefit from the Launch Kit. Whether you’re an indie hacker, startup founder, or seasoned entrepreneur, our resources will guide you through the process and boost your chances of a successful launch.

he AI Launch Assistant is a powerful tool within the kit. It provides personalized recommendations, tips, and strategies based on your specific launch goals. From crafting compelling descriptions to optimizing your timing, the assistant ensures you’re well-prepared for your Product Hunt debut.

Absolutely! Our kit goes beyond Product Hunt. We’ve curated a list of 1,743+ places where you can promote your SaaS or product. These platforms, communities, and forums can significantly expand your reach and attract potential users.

You can get instant access to the kit by visiting our landing page: Product Hunt Launch Kit. Dive in, explore the resources, and make your next launch a remarkable success!

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