1,743+ Places to
Promote your Saas

Watch this video to see how you can Achieve $100k MRR and upto 1,000 Paying Customers by boosting your Saas authority, traffic, sales and at the end of the day your revenue organically and without running any paid ads.

Get First 1,000 Paid Users for your Saas Organically

Over 30% of our clients, who bought Saas Growth Kit from us have got over 1,000 paying customers organically and alot of them are getting a big chunk of referral traffic from these websites.

What's expected?

See, what exactly you can expect from these listings and how much numbers in terms of results you can generate organically for your Saas with these directories and communities.

Exposure to 13m+ monthly traffic​

One of the biggest challenges for SaaS founders and indie hackers is to get exposure for their products and reach their target audience. You may have a great solution, but if no one knows about it, you won’t get any users or revenue.

These 1,743+ places can help you reach 13m+ monthly visitors that are part of those directories, communities, or launch platforms for free. BTW It would be 10x if you go with paid options.

Upto 50,000 Organic visitors

If you want to grow your SaaS business, you need to get more organic visitors to your website. Organic visitors are those who find your website through search engines, without clicking on any paid ads.

That’s why you need SaaS Growth Kit, the ultimate list of 1,743+ places where you can promote your SaaS and get upto 50,000 organic visitors to your website.

Upto 1,000 Paying Customers

You have a great SaaS product, but you need to get more paying customers to validate your idea and generate revenue. You don’t want to rely on ads or cold outreach, which can be costly and ineffective.

That’s where SaaS Growth Kit comes in. SaaS Growth Kit is the ultimate list of places where you can promote your SaaS product and get your first 1,000 paying customers organically.

What we did?

Have a look at some of our client case-studies. See how we helped our Saas clients grow their traffic, signups and MRR organically at the end of the day.

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We did listings for stunning.so and you can check their traffic on SimilarWeb; they are getting 26k visitors/mo and 47% of that traffic is coming from other websites where stunning.so is listed.
Formwise AI
Formwise AIhttps://formwise.ai
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Formwise AI started working with us recently; before 4 months their MRR was $11k/mo and with 4 months it has jumped to $84k per month.

Get list of 1,743+ places to promote your Saas

We raised our price to $197, after 200 orders. But still you can avail it for $97 only.


🎁 $197

 raised after first 200 sales

Saas Growth Kit is a comprehensive and up-to-date list of places where you can promote your SaaS product and get exposure to 13m+ monthly traffic1. It contains 1,743+ places where you can launch, pitch, and market your SaaS product to your ideal audience, plus 2,193+ bonuses to help you grow your startup.

SaaS Growth Kit is a one-time purchase that gives you lifetime access to the whole database (with updates) for $197 only.

Yupp, we offer Saas submission service; where we submit your Saas on 200+ directories and 50+ communities and within 2 weeks of order we will provide you a complete report of what we did and within 1-2 months you can see the results.

We are always happy to hear from you and help you with any questions or issues you may have with SaaS Growth Kit. You can contact us by email at hello@khadinakbar.com

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