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Are you ready to launch your product but feeling overwhelmed by all the moving pieces? Wondering what you need to […]

Are you ready to launch your product but feeling overwhelmed by all the moving pieces? Wondering what you need to do to make a splash on Product Hunt and get your creation in front of the eyes of top investors, influencers, and early adopters? 

Fear not, help is here! This definitive Product Hunt Launch Checklist 2024 will guide you step-by-step to launch success. We’ve distilled years of experience from some of the biggest Product Hunt hits into a simple checklist of essential pre-launch, launch day, and post-launch tasks. 

Follow our Ultimate Guide, and you’ll be well on your way to generating buzz, getting valuable feedback, attracting new customers, and supercharging your product’s growth. It’s time to share your creation with the PH community; let’s get started!

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Step 1: Set these key Goals to aim for to have a successful launch on the Product Hunt.

Product Hunt Launch Checklist Goals
  • Get on the “What’s New” list. This list shows the latest products launched and receiving the most upvotes and engagement. Being featured here is a sign of early success.
  • Earn 20+ upvotes on the first day – Aim to engage your launch list and generate some initial momentum. More upvotes mean wider visibility.
  • Receive 5+ comments – Feedback is valuable for improving your product. Comments also keep your page active and higher in search rankings.
  • Maintain engagement for a week. Keep promoting and responding to earn ongoing upvotes and comments over multiple days, rather than just on launch day.
  • Reach #1 in your category. Top spots receive the most attention from the wider PH community and potential investors/press.
  • Drive 50+ visitors to your site/app – Confirm that people are taking action after discovering you on Product Hunt.
  • Get featured on PH blogs/newsletters. Editors may highlight your launch, spreading it even further.
  • Generate waitlists and email signups. Capture contacts for future marketing and to demonstrate early traction.
  • Attract investor interests: large launches sometimes catch the eye of relevant VCs/angels.
  • Gather valuable feedback. Use comments to iterate on your product and better understand users.

Step 2: Choose Your Launch Date

Step 2: Choose Your Launch Date

There are a few factors to consider when picking your launch date:

  • Weekdays (Tuesday-Thursday) typically have more users online which means more potential for upvotes and feedback. However, there is also more competition.
  • Weekends have less competition but also less users online. Easier to rank higher but less engagement overall.
  • Consider aiming for the “What’s New” list which features the latest and most popular launches. Weekday launches stand a better chance.

Step 3: Find a Product Hunt Influencer

Find a Product Hunt Influencer

While not required, an influential Hunter can help boost your launch:

  • Popular Hunters like Ben Lang, KP, and Kevin William David come with many existing followers.
  • Their endorsement serves as social proof which other Hunters are likely to notice.
  • Reach out and pitch why they should support your launch by highlighting what problem it solves.

Step 4: Create a Coming Soon Page

Generate an early buzz by setting up a simple “Coming Soon” page on your Product Hunt profile with:

  • A teaser of your product vision in the description.
  • Placing the launch date to create intrigue and allow people to follow/remind me.
  • Collect email addresses to keep interested users informed before launch day!

Step 5: Plan Your Roadmap from Pre-launch to Post-launch 

1) Pre-Launch (1 Month Before):

Product Refinement:

Before launching on Product Hunt, it’s crucial to ensure that your product is polished, user-friendly, and bug-free. Conduct rigorous testing, gather user feedback through beta testing or early access programs, and address any identified issues. A refined product will not only provide a seamless experience for your early adopters but also help you garner positive reviews and upvotes on Product Hunt.

Content Creation:

Compelling visuals and videos are essential for capturing the attention of the Product Hunt community. Invest time and effort into creating high-quality visual assets that showcase your product’s features and benefits in an engaging and informative manner. Additionally, craft a concise yet informative product description that clearly articulates your value proposition. Don’t forget to prepare engaging launch day social media posts and press releases to generate buzz and awareness.

Community Building:

Product Hunt is a community-driven platform, and building relationships with potential hunters and early supporters is crucial for a successful launch. Identify your target audience on Product Hunt and other relevant platforms, and start engaging with them by sharing valuable content, participating in discussions, and offering insights. Additionally, reach out to relevant influencers in your niche and explore opportunities for collaboration or cross-promotion.

2) Launch Week (1 Week Before):

Finalize Launch Details:

As your launch date approaches, finalize the details of your Product Hunt listing. Choose an ideal launch date and time that aligns with your target audience’s activity patterns. Submit your product listing to Product Hunt well in advance to ensure it is reviewed and approved in time. Additionally, prepare a launch announcement email to your existing user base and subscribers, inviting them to support your launch.

Gather Support:

Building a supportive network is crucial for a successful launch on Product Hunt. Reach out to friends, colleagues, and early supporters, and encourage them to upvote your product on launch day. Emphasize the importance of leaving thoughtful and informative comments about their experience with your product, as these can significantly influence potential users.

3) Launch Day:

Be Present and Engaged:

On launch day, be prepared to actively engage with the Product Hunt community. Respond promptly to comments and questions, address any concerns professionally, and express genuine appreciation for upvotes and positive feedback. Your responsiveness and commitment to addressing user queries can significantly impact the overall perception and success of your launch.

Promote Your Launch:

Leverage your existing channels and online communities to promote your launch on Product Hunt. Share your listing across your social media platforms, and relevant online communities, and encourage your network to check out your product and upvote it. Cross-promotion with complementary products or services can also help amplify your reach and visibility.

4) Post-Launch:

Maintain Momentum:

Your launch on Product Hunt is just the beginning. Continue to engage with the community, respond to comments, and address any emerging concerns or feedback. Analyze your launch results, identify areas for improvement, and leverage the initial traction gained on Product Hunt to further promote your product through various channels.

Things I would do differently to have a more successful launch on Product Hunt:

  • Optimize my product page earlier. I’d spend more time writing a compelling description, selecting the right tags, and preparing high-quality screenshots/videos well before launch day.
  • Build a bigger launch list. I’d notify my network about the upcoming launch 4-6 weeks in advance rather than just a few days. This gives more people time to save the date.
  • Engage an influencer. Last time I didn’t reach out to any Product Hunters. Having someone with a following endorse the product would have boosted visibility.
  • Promote more on social media. I only posted about the launch once. I would develop a social media marketing plan to generate ongoing buzz leading up to it.
  • Launch on a weekday. I launched on a weekend when traffic is lower. A weekday between 10 am-12 pm PT would have been better.
  • Be more responsive. I wasn’t as interactive in comments as I could have been the first few hours. Timely responses are important.
  • Analyze feedback more. I didn’t categorize comments to understand which aspects to prioritize improving based on user sentiment.
  • Promote for longer. I only shared about the launch for a day. Keeping it alive for a full week through social updates could have helped.
  • Relaunch at milestones. Instead of a one-off launch, consider periodic launches as significant features are added.

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Has anyone successfully launched a product on Product Hunt?

Yes, numerous individuals and companies have successfully launched products on Product Hunt. Many have achieved significant visibility and user engagement and even garnered investments or acquisitions due to their Product Hunt launch.

How do I create a product launch checklist?

To create a product launch checklist, outline key milestones from pre-launch preparation to post-launch activities. Include tasks such as defining goals, scheduling timelines, crafting marketing materials, coordinating with stakeholders, and measuring performance metrics.

Why should I launch on Product Hunt?

Launching on Product Hunt gets your product or startup in front of thousands of tech-savvy early adopters. Your launch can surge interest, users, and feedback if it does well.

What are the benefits of a successful Product Hunt launch?

A successful launch can help attract new users, customers, and investors to your product. It puts you in front of a large audience of tech enthusiasts looking for promising new services and apps.

Should I pay for a Pro Hunt promotion?

A Pro Hunt promotion guarantees your launch page will be featured. It’s optional but can provide a big boost. However, it doesn’t guarantee upvotes – you still need a great product that sells itself through copy and engagement.

How long does the buzz from Product Hunt last?

If your launch does well with 100+ upvotes, the buzz could last 1-2 weeks through follow-up coverage. However, the peak buzz is in the first 24 hours, so focus promotion efforts during the launch week for maximum impact.

What if my launch doesn’t do well?

Don’t be discouraged! Most don’t get colossal attention initially. Learn from feedback. Consider relaunching with improvements or treat it as a beta test for gathering feedback to refine your product.


Mastering the art of a successful Product Hunt launch revolves around following a meticulous six-step checklist. You can maximize your chances of an impactful debut by setting clear goals, refining timelines, harnessing existing distribution channels, selecting optimal launch days, engaging with potential supporters, and executing with unwavering determination. 

Remember, launching on Product Hunt isn’t just about gaining visibility; it’s an opportunity to connect with a vibrant community, gather invaluable feedback, and propel your product forward on a trajectory of growth and success. Embrace the journey, learn from the process, and celebrate every milestone.

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